Tubelord – Our First American Friends (2009)

13 Oct
Strange album cover...

Strange album cover...

Math-art-indie or whatever you want to call it is growing pretty rapidly. Loads of bands have started to go down the route, offering music which usually has complex instrumental parts, and often the odd strange time signature. Tubelord are a band that have been knocking about the Kingston area for some time, churning out a plethora of songs that move away from the standard chords and melodies to create some really interesting music. This is their first full length album, released on the 12th October, available on white vinyl (which is ace), CD or MP3.

The album is a collection of some of their finer tracks from the EPs released in the last few years, along with a number of new tracks. Fans will not be disappointed, as tracks like Night Of Pencils deserve a place on this album. Brilliant vocals and lyrics that I couldn’t even begin to think up make this into a super catchy track. Creative guitar work ties with solid drumming, even dropping in a sort of break down, which is always something I like to hear. The single, Propeller, is being released on 500 limited 7”, so get yours quickly. This is one of the best songs from the album, with massive dynamic shifts, keeping you guessing all the time.

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just a collection of re-recordings of previous tracks, there are some gems like Your Bed Is Kind Of Frightening, which has haunting vocal harmonies before crashing into one of the more poppy tracks on the album. Stacey’s Left Arm brings some electronic elements to the table, with some more super vocal work over a more mellow number.

Our First American Friends ends the album, which has all the elements of any great Tubelord track. Intricate interludes calm you before the roof comes down with a thud of massive bass riffs and drums.

This album is as good as I’d hoped, but to be honest, they had some great material to work with in the first place, and it’s nice to finally get it all in one place. I think I would have liked any old crap they might have churned out.


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